As a result, a number of resources have been developed which assist teachers. These resources are available for sale and include the following:

Early Inspiration Application for Assessment
With a focus on Monitoring and Evaluation, Early Inspiration has developed an App (suitable for Apple or Android devices) which supports reporting, assessing and monitoring of beneficiaries and staff.

This App is available for other Early Childhood Development Centres and Organizations to use and support their monitoring and evaluation processes. Purchase of the app allows:

  • Access to Early Inspiration App – this includes assessments of children from birth – 6 years.

  • The assessments completed are captured and tabulated reflecting childrens’ scores, class averages, child average, etc. This is the raw data and scores.

  • Once a ‘batch’ of learners has been assessed, service providers receive a full report on the children’s development within the batch – this will indicate strengths, weaknesses, areas to focus on, class averages, children that are ‘at risk’ in terms of their development :

        1. Class Skill Average

        2. Class Domain Average

        3. Class Average

        4. Child total

        5. Child Average

        6. At-Risk Children

  • Reports reflect progress and growth graphically

  • Reports highlight areas to focus on for implementation

  • Assessors need to attend 6-monthly training and advancements in assessments.

  • For more information and access to this App please contact Dr Lauren Stretch at lauren@earlyinspiration.co.za

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